We are currently raising funds for a Fall 2018 exhibition on fragility to be held in the San Francisco Bay Area. Five Bay Area artists will be invited to create work in response to the project and three curated public conversations on fragility are planned alongside screenings of the film, The Poetics of Fragility (see below).

Dear individuals, if this project speaks to you in any way, please do consider making a donation.

Dear grantmakers, if our work catches your eye, we would be happy to provide a detailed budget on request.


Fragility &/in Social Justice 

Evening of conversation about the meaning(s) of fragility for both activists and for those among whom they work. Does the project and its propositions lead to new questions for activism? Does activism require us to rethink our ideas? 


Fragility &/in health/Medicine 

What would it mean for medicine to embrace fragility not simply as a condition to be cured; but to rethink its mission as evolving a disciplined artistry for dancing with the fragility/strength dyad? Evening of conversation with those who have written about their encounters with medicine both doctors & those they serve.

Fragility &/in the arts 

Evening of performances by Bay Area artists invited to respond to the project followed by discussion of artists’ reflections & audience experiences.